I’m Argentinean, I was born in Mar del Plata, a particular town by the sea. When in winter, the town is quite windy, cold and the beaches are desolated. It feels like you’re facing your loneliness, but while your sight gets lost at the conjunction line between the sky and the wild sea opens your mind and enlarges your strength and fortalices your soul. So your perception about people and things is different and deeper because of the observation of tiny little things and conversations to understand how the ordinary life could be inspiring and quite impressive; that’s why I like to talk to people from everywhere and learn and know from their own experiences of life which sometimes are so away from us. I’m used to filling me up with all this talks.
Because of this I photograph and document them so they can persist in time and not only in my memories.

Solitudine, is a series of pictures on 35mm which were shot with a Lomo Camera in two opposite places in the world, Russia and Argentina, where, even the distance and the presence - non-presence of sun, the sensation of solitude is equal and invades everything around.

Russia, Spring 2012
Mar del Plata, Argentina, Summer 2012

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